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Alyssa Fontaine and team of Vegan and Vegetarian Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Hi! We are vegan and vegetarian registered dietitians and we help people eat more plant-based foods.

As online vegan dietitians, all of our services are offered online across Canada and we offer insurance receipts for registered nutritionist/dietitian services.

Plant-based nutrition consultation for every need

Weight loss

Make key changes to your diet for weight loss with a personalized vegan weight loss meal plan created by a vegan nutritionist.

Balanced diet

Get vegan nutrition counseling to make sure you have a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet with the help of a plant based dietitian!

Sports nutrition

Obtain valid information from a registered dietitian on vegan sports nutrition to optimize your workouts & achieve better results!

Eating disorders

Take control of your eating disorder with a plant-based dietitian and personalized vegan eating disorder counseling!

IBS & digestive problems

Manage your digestive problems and feel better. Get a personalized vegetarian or vegan IBS diet plan created by a vegan nutritionist.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Get a flexible and personalized vegan pregnancy diet plan or lactation diet plan created by a vegan dietitian.

Toddler/ Child/ Adolescent nutrition

Plant based nutrition can be tricky with children and adolescents, make your life with the help of a vegetarian or vegan child nutritionist! Get specific meal and snack recommendations they'll enjoy!

Intuitive eating

Improve your relationship with food with the help of an intuitive eating nutritionist! Stop the restriction and binge phases and find food freedom.

Want more information about our services?

Private & group vegetarian and vegan nutrition coaching with Alyssa Fontaine and Plant Based dieticians

Why work with us?

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What makes us different?

We are vegan and vegetarian registered dietitians SPECIALIZED in vegan nutrition. We continually update my knowledge every month with new data about plant-based nutrition.

We also have personal experience with vegan nutrition on a daily basis since we are vegan and publish new recipes on social media every day.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec or rural areas, your online session with your nutritionist eliminates travel time and can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule.

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