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Hi! I’m Alyssa Fontaine, a plant-based Registered Dietitian!

I created the company Plant Based Dietitians and have a team of vegetarian/vegan dietitians to help you make stainable changes


We offer online 1-1 consultations and group consultations. With individual sessions, we start with 1 hour sessions and continue with 30-minute sessions once the concepts are understood. The number of follow-ups required will depend on your goals, current knowledge and how fast you apply the recommendations. This will usually be determined in the first session called nutrition evaluation, where we get to know you and your preferences in order to adapt my recommendations.

We offer insurance receipts after the session with our Registered Dietitian license number. The payments are via E-transfer or Paypal, depending on your preference. We are flexible with our schedule and only ask to cancel a minimum of 24 hrs in advance.  Are you ready to start? The first step is doing a free 20-minute discovery call with our account coordinator, where you will chat about your goals and be matched with a dietitian who focuses on Plant-Based nutrition!


It has always been our passion to help people develop habits that benefit them. We take a motivational and non-judgmental approach to help you change your habits and find a strategy that works for you. Our approach is to understand who you are, what worked and didn’t work for you in the past to help you achieve your current goal.

Even though we focus on plant-based nutrition, we will never force you to go vegan or judge you for eating animal products. We accept any client who has an interest in plant-based nutrition, whether omnivore or vegan. Changing your habits and maintaining them is not an easy task. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently and above all to be able to maintain them.

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Hi! I’m Alyssa Fontaine the founder of Plant-Based Dietitians 


I studied nutrition at McGill University and started working in private practice in 2014. I managed a team of 70 dietitians for several years and completed an MBA which allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of best practices in nutrition and customer service. I started my online plant-based nutrition business in 2020 and now work full-time with my Plant-Based Dietitan team! I also create content creation for social media: Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.


Meet Avery, a Plant-Based Dietitian based in Ontario!

Education: Master of Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph and Bachelor of Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph

What motivated you to become a dietitian: I’ve always been intrigued by the powerful potential of food to treat, prevent, and promote countless mental and physical conditions. It excites me to be able to help empower people to improve their wellness through a holistic and nutrition-focused approach. I believe that food can be an enjoyable part of life, and used to help us achieve our goals.

When did you become plant-based: I started focusing on a plant-based diet in 2015 and I’ve been loving it ever since!

Why are you plant-based: Being plant-based aligns with many of my greatest values, notably the importance of taking care of my health, the planet, and other beings. This lifestyle makes me feel more in alignment with myself and the world, and more aware of the impacts of my choices. Every choice is a vote, and I choose to vote towards what’s important to me.

License to practice # 16422 College of Dietitians of Ontario


Avery Zenker, Plant-Based Dietitian based in Ontario!
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Meet Hannah, a Plant-Based Dietitian based in British Columbia!

Education: Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health; Major in Dietetics (Honours) – University of British Columbia

What motivated you to become a dietitian: I’ve been a nutrition nerd for as long as I can remember, and I’ve wanted to become an RD ever since I first learned about the career many years ago! Being a dietitian is the perfect way to unite my passions for food, nutrition, science, and helping people achieve their goals.

When did you become plant-based: I became vegetarian in 2008, slowly transitioned to vegan in early 2013, and I have been fully plant-based ever since.

Why are you plant-based: The benefits of this diet are seemingly infinite! For me, the plant-based trifecta is: 

1. Compassion – once I understood the ethical implications of eating animals, and that you could thrive without them, choosing to fill my plate with delicious plant-based foods instead was the clearest choice for me.

2. Sustainability – eating mostly plants has a much gentler environmental impact than resource-intensive animal agriculture.

3. Health – there is an abundance of high-quality literature confirming that a well-planned plant-based diet is ideal for optimal health, athletic performance, and reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. 

License to practice: #2837 College of Dietitians of BC

Anick, Plant-Based Dietitian based in Quebec

Education: Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences, University of Ottawa

What motivated you to become a dietitian:
Nutrition is a young, evolving science. There is always something to explore and new questions to answer. Working in health sciences has always interested me. It is the fundamental role that nutrition
plays in the prevention of diseases of all kinds that convinced me that I could help people to the best of my ability.


When did you become plant-based:
The second I finished my nutrition degree (2018)! My desire to eat exclusively plant-based was already well underway at that point. However, I chose to commit to it 100% at an opportune
time when I felt that confidence that I could adequately change my diet for the better. I have never regretted this choice and am very proud of having made it.


Why are you plant-based:
My initial motive for transitioning to a plant-based diet was for our fellow animals. After 4 years, I realize that going plant-based is a not just a transition, nor a process to start
eating differently. It is a journey where you get to learn about so much more than you thought you’d learn. I am now eating plant-based and adopting a fully vegan lifestyle as this deepens and improves
my understanding of what compassion to our fellow animals, to our planet, and to ourselves and others means.

License to practice # 7146 Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec

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Meet Kayla, a Dietitian who focuses on Plant-Based nutrition in Alberta!

Education: Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, Dietetics Specialization, University of Alberta

What motivated you to become a dietitian: I’ve been a foodie my whole life and was always interested in the health and wellness field. In my first years of university, I took a nutrition course and was amazed by how big of a role nutrition plays in one’s health. This ultimately sparked my motivation for becoming
a dietitian – I knew my passion was to help others incorporate better health practices, through food and nutrition, to improve their overall health and well-being.

What benefits do you see to following a vegetarian or vegan diet: For me, following a plant-based diet has so many benefits. Not only does it help our environment in a numerous of ways, but research has shown that following a vegetarian or vegan diet can lead to a bevy of health benefits as well. Plant-based foods also taste amazing and have great nutritional value. I love teaching others how to tastefully incorporate these foods into their diets.

License to practice # 2926 College of Dietitians of Alberta

Meet Antoine, a Dietitian who has a lot of experience with Plant-Based nutrition in Quebec & Ontario!

Education: Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences, University of Ottawa and Advanced Culinary Arts (ITHQ Signature program), Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec

What motivated you to become a dietitian:

After several years in the world of restaurants and physical activity, I wondered what more I could do to help people around me. Nutrition was the ideal solution since it allowed me to combine my two passions; food and well-being. It is a desire to contribute that led me to want to become a nutritionist, but to be completely transparent, it is also a need to prove that it is possible to eat well without sacrificing the pleasure of eating. 

What benefits do you see to following a vegetarian or vegan diet:

Health improvement in many forms! Whether it’s improving the health of the body, the planet, the mind or even the wallet, being vegan, like being a vegetarian, has allowed me to achieve and maintain a level of well-being that I wish for everyone. Plus, one of the pillars of healthy eating is diversity, and do you know anything more diverse than the plant world?!

License to practice #15628 College of Dietitians of Ontario & #7500 Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec

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Whether you want to eat plant-based foods for your health, the animals or the environment, I can help you find simple solutions to achieve your goals.


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