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Hannah Vogel - Online Vegan Dietitian in Vancouver and all of British Columbia

Hi! I’m Hannah, a vegan nutritionist, and dietitian! 

I can help you with the following things and more:

Chronic conditions

Along with working for Plant-Based Dietitians, Hannah also works as a clinical dietitian for a hospital and has experience using medical nutrition therapy to help you manage conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and more, all while using a non-diet, weight neutral approach.

Digestive disorders

Hannah has undergone further education on the low-FODMAP diet and conditions such as IBS, IBD, celiac, SIBO, GERD, and more. As someone with IBS herself, Hannah enjoys helping clients with digestive concerns manage and improve their symptoms and quality of life.

Improving your vegetarian/vegan diet

As a vegetarian for 5 years first and now a vegan for over a decade, Hannah has likely been where you are and uses a client-centered, nonjudgmental approach to help you make the transition or optimize your plant-centered diet.


Hannah can help ensure you get the proper nutrition to thrive while growing and feeding your little one. She offers expert advice on food groups, portion sizes, and supplements for your nutritional needs.

Sports Nutrition

Hannah personally enjoys running and strength training, and can help with optimizing sports nutrition and performance. She possesses an abundance of knowledge that can greatly enhance your performance and promote your overall well-being.

Infant/Child/Family nutrition

Hannah has taken a comprehensive pediatric nutrition course for healthcare professionals, giving her the tools to assist with picky eating, baby-led weaning, and coaching you to feel confident feeding your family.

Eating disorders

Hannah has taken a 1-year eating disorder course for dietitians and fully understands the importance of having a dietitian on the team to support those struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Intuitive eating

As someone who grew up in the “clean eating” era and eventually reclaimed her relationship with food, Hannah has a passion for helping clients incorporate intuitive eating principles, end the restrictive diet cycle, and find peace with food freedom.

About Hannah, vegan R.D:

Hannah did a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health.


She majored in Dietetics (Honours) at the University of British Columbia.


Her license to practice as a registered dietitian in British Columbia is: #2837 College of Dietitians of BC


Hannah works for a hospital and Plant-Based Dietitians


She does online consultations with anyone living in BC with Plant-Based Dietitians.

Hannah and her journey with Plant-Based Nutrition:

What motivated you to become a dietitian?

I've been a nutrition nerd for as long as I can remember, and I've wanted to become an RD ever since I first learned about the career many years ago! Being a dietitian is the perfect way to unite my passions for food, nutrition, science, and helping people achieve their goals.

When did you become plant-based?

I became vegetarian in 2008, slowly transitioned to vegan in early 2013, and I have been fully plant-based ever since.

Why are you plant-based?

The benefits of this diet are seemingly infinite! For me, the plant-based trifecta is: 

1. Compassion – once I understood the ethical implications of eating animals, and that you could thrive without them, choosing to fill my plate with delicious plant-based foods instead was the clearest choice for me.

2. Sustainability – eating mostly plants has a much gentler environmental impact than resource-intensive animal agriculture.

3. Health – there is an abundance of literature outlining the benefits a diverse, well-planned plant-centred diet has on our health, including reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

Save time and start seeing results with Hannah’s help!