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Hannah Vogel

Online Vegan Dietitian in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia

Hi! I'm Hannah, a vegan registered dietitian and nutritionist. I can help you with the following challenges and more.

Chronic Conditions

Hannah, in her role at Plant-Based Dietitians, also works as a clinical dietitian at a hospital. With expertise in medical nutrition therapy, she aids in managing conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Her approach is non-diet and weight-neutral.

Balanced Diet

Having been a vegetarian for 5 years initially and now a vegan for over a decade, Hannah employs a client-centered, nonjudgmental approach to assist you in transitioning or optimizing your plant-centered diet.

Sports Nutrition

Hannah, who personally enjoys running and strength training, can assist in optimizing sports nutrition and performance. Her wealth of knowledge can significantly enhance your overall well-being and boost performance.

Eating Disorders

Hannah has completed a 1-year eating disorder course for dietitians, recognizing the crucial role of having a dietitian on the team to support individuals grappling with disordered eating and eating disorders.

Digestive Problems

Hannah, with extra training in the low-FODMAP diet and expertise in conditions like IBS, IBD, celiac disease, SIBO, and GERD, draws on her personal experience with IBS to help clients manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Hannah offers expert guidance for your nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. From food groups to supplements, she ensures both you and your little one get the essential nutrition for optimal health and growth.

Infant / Child / Family Nutrition

Hannah, with a comprehensive pediatric nutrition course background, helps with picky eating and provides guidance on baby-led weaning. She's committed to coaching you, boosting confidence in feeding your family.

Intuitive Eating

Having navigated the "clean eating" era herself, Hannah is passionate about guiding clients to embrace intuitive eating, break free from restrictive diets, and find peace through food freedom.

About Hannah, Vegan Registered Dietitian

Hannah and Her Journey with Plant-Based Nutrition

What motivated you to become a dietitian?

I've been a nutrition enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I've aspired to become a registered dietitian ever since discovering the career many years ago! Being a dietitian is the ideal way for me to combine my interests in food, nutrition, science, and assisting people in achieving their goals.

When did you become plant-based?

I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in 2008, gradually transitioning to veganism in early 2013, and I have been fully plant-based ever since.

Why are you plant-based?

The benefits of this diet are seemingly infinite! For me, the plant-based trifecta is:


  1. Compassion – Once I understood the ethical implications of consuming animals and realized I could thrive without them, choosing to fill my plate with delicious plant-based foods became the clearest choice for me.
  2. Sustainability – Opting for a diet centered around mostly plants has a much gentler environmental impact compared to resource-intensive animal agriculture.
  3. Health – There is an abundance of literature outlining the benefits of a diverse, well-planned plant-centered diet on our health, including reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.

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