Plant-Based Nutrition Services

Make faster, lasting changes with a plant based nutritionist!

We are a plant-based nutritionist team that can help you with

Weight loss

Lose weight the right way with a plant-based nutritionist. Get a personalized vegan weight loss program and recommendations that will get you the best results!

Balanced diet

Get online vegan nutrition counseling to optimize your plant-based nutrition! Make the changes that are most beneficial to you and your goal! Get to know exactly what your next move should be!

Sports nutrition

Learn more about vegan sports nutrition and get practical advice! As a plant-based nutritionist, I will be able to personalize the recommendations according to your sport and your goals!

Eating disorders

A vegan eating disorder recovery is possible. Get the direction and support of a plant-based nutritionist that is highly knowledgable in eating disorders.

IBS & digestive problems

Say goodbye to your digestive problems with the help of a plant-based nutritionist. Stop wasting time and get your quality of life back faster. As a vegan fodmap dietitian, I can create a personalized and realistic vegan IBS diet plan.

Pregnancy & Lactation

As a vegan pregnancy dietitian, I can help you eat the things you need for a healthy pregnancy. I will adapt your plant-based nutrition according to your cravings and appetite. We will discuss easy, nutritious and tasty recipes.

Toddler/ Child/ Adolescent nutrition

Plant-based nutrition can be tricky with children and adolescents, make your life with the help of a vegan child nutritionist!

Intuitive eating

IImprove your relationship with food with the help of an intuitive eating dietitian to overcome the vicious cycle of restriction and binge.

These nutrition services can be combined and personalized to ensure you get the valuable information and support you need!

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