Vegan intuitive eating

Tired of feeling like you’re constantly yo-yo dieting? As an intuitive eating dietitian, I can help you improve your relationship with food, feel in control and regain confidence! 

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Hi, I’m Alyssa, an intuitive eating dietitian

Start improving your relationship with food with the help of Intuitive Eating. An intuitive eating dietitian can help you overcome the vicious cycle of restriction and binge.


Yes, you can be vegan and practice intuitive eating, I personally practice this method every day. Regain food freedom thanks to the 10-step intuitive eating method and let go of shame and guilt after eating a meal.


Vegan mindful eating is part of intuitive eating, but it’s also a stand-alone method.  As a mindful eating nutritionist/dietitian, I can help you master mindful eating with a series of specific exercises. 

A personalized vegan intuitive eating program

Intuitive eating assessment

As an intuitive and mindful eating nutritionist, I will quickly assess what you need to work on to get the results you desire.

Tackle the 10 principles

The 10 principles of intuitive eating can be overwhelming, I’ll lead you with the right exercises and adapt as you go.

Complement with other methods

There are other great methods that complement vegan intuitive eating, such as mindful eating. If beneficial, I will integrate them into your program.

Why work with a vegan registered dietitian for vegan intuitive eating?

Save time and energy

As an intuitive eating nutritionist, I mastered the concept of intuitive eating and have had success with my clients. I also practice vegan intuitive eating on a daily basis, so I can give you a lot of practical and personalized advice that you won't find online

Get a clear direction

The process is not as simple as it sounds, an intuitive eating dietitian will help you analyze which principles you need to work on. This will increase your chances of being successful with vegan intuitive eating.

Be supported and stay motivated

Having an environment that supports the behaviour changes you make with intuitive eating will benefit you greatly. There will be ups and downs, my role as an intuitive eating dietitian will be to anticipate these obstacles and help you overcome them.

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What are you waiting for? Get an intuitive eating nutritionist on your side and start feeling better today!



Please note that I cannot guarantee a weight loss with intuitive eating. Wanting to lose weight during a vegan intuitive eating program could negatively impact the treatment. Contact me for more information if you want to lose weight and have a complicated relationship with food, I can better explain the appropriate method for you.


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