Plant-Based, Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Plans

Receive a meticulously tailored meal plan crafted by our expert plant-based dietitians, providing efficient solutions to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Personalized Vegan Meal Plan

We are a group of vegan nutritionists with expertise in plant-based nutrition

We provide online Zoom consultations, enabling you to save commuting time and receive practical advice from anywhere.

Receive personalized recommendations from a registered plant-based dietitian, tailored to your lifestyle.

Our vegan/vegetarian nutritionists utilize high-end software to create customized plans that suit your needs and goals.

To discover our team of plant-based dietitians, visit our About page.

Why Work With a Registered Plant-Based Dietitian for a Personalized Meal Plan?

Save Time & Effort

Short on time or feeling overwhelmed? Let our vegan nutritionists create your customized plan!

Enhance Culinary Skills

Enhance your culinary skills and discover delightful plant-based meals and snacks, boosting your dietary satisfaction with our expert support.

Attain Faster & Superior Results

Achieve success with a well-balanced plant-based, vegan or vegetarian diet. Get personalized guidance for optimal nutrition and outcomes.

What You Can Expect During Your Sessions:

  • Creation of a personalized vegan, plant-based, or vegetarian meal plan/menu tailored to your preferences and objectives
  • Customized serving sizes
  • New ideas for balanced and tasty recipes
  • Improvement of meal preparation and culinary skills
  • Guidance on vitamins and minerals
  • Suggestions for specific brands and doses of supplements
  • Consideration for dietary intolerances
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Responses to all your questions
  • Support and motivation
Customized Vegan Meal Plan
Plant-Based Dietitians - Meal Plan

The Benefits of Our Customized Meal Plans:

  • Boost in your energy levels
  • Improvement in your digestion
  • Prevention of nutritional deficiencies
  • Time-saving cooking and preparation
  • Delightful variety of dishes and snacks
  • Family-friendly and easy-to-follow options
  • Budget-friendly solutions
  • Avoidance of unnecessary trial & error
  • Savings on research time
  • Enhanced understanding of nutrition

Feedback from Clients Regarding Our Personalized Meal Plans

“The personal experience of my dietitian adds credibility to their guidance.”

“The fully plant-based meal plan stands out and makes a noticeable difference.”

“I now have the confidence that I’m nourishing my body adequately.”

“The customized meal plan is tailored to my preferences, not a generic template.”

“I’ve gained valuable nutrition knowledge for a sustainable long-term lifestyle through working with my dietitian.”


Plant-Based Dietitians

Process & Fees

Step 1: The Initial Assessment

Mandatory for all clients, the one-hour initial assessment is crucial. The dietitian will learn about your goals, assess your medical profile and diet, offer recommendations, and suggest packages to kickstart your journey and achieve your desired results.


Step 2: Follow-Up Sessions

During the one-hour follow-up session, the dietitian will collaboratively create a personalized meal plan, considering the initial assessment.

Note that 2 x one-hour sessions are required to develop a customized meal plan. Choose between a combined 2-hour session for the initial assessment and meal plan, where you’ll receive your meal plan, or start with the initial assessment and schedule a separate second session to build the meal plan with the dietitian.

We also provide follow-up sessions after creating your meal plan, empowering you to modify and progress toward your goals, available in either one-hour or 30-minute durations.


For essential details about our process and fees, please visit our pricing page using the link below.

How to Start Your Journey

Option 1 – Direct Booking:

Check these pages:

Click on the link below to access the nutritionists’ schedules and book directly with them.

You can choose either the initial assessment (1h) and book the meal plan session during that appointment, or opt for the combined initial assessment + meal plan option (2hrs) in one session.


Option 2 – Free Discovery Call:

Schedule a 5-20 minute free discovery call with your future vegan dietitian. They will address your queries and kickstart your journey.

Click on the link below to schedule a discovery call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many recipes will I receive?

Explore a diverse range of customized recipes tailored to your preferences! Our services cater to two types of clients: those who enjoy culinary experimentation and a variety of meal options, and those who prefer an organized approach with a specialized meal plan and grocery list. Rest assured, we'll tailor the plan precisely to suit your needs for an extraordinary and personalized culinary experience!

What benefits do I get from obtaining recipes from you compared to online blogs?

Our expertise as plant-based dietitians sets us apart from many online blogs, addressing issues like incorrect portion sizes, insufficient protein and fiber, and excessive sodium levels. With our services, be confident that these essential aspects will be handled. We create well-balanced meal plans tailored to your dietary needs and health goals.


Beyond recipes, we design day plans considering vital vitamins and minerals often overlooked in blog recipes. Choose us for expertly crafted, nutrient-rich plant-based meals that optimize your well-being, ensuring you nourish your body with confidence.

As someone who isn't skilled in cooking, will I be able to follow your plan?

As registered plant-based dietitians, we customize our teachings and plans to match your unique knowledge and skills. Regardless of your proficiency in the kitchen, we're here to guide you on your plant-based journey, providing the right level of support for success. Our personalized approach ensures that the plan we develop together suits you perfectly, offering a delightful culinary experience while promoting optimal health and lifestyle outcomes.

What is the turnaround time for receiving a meal plan?

To receive a meal plan, attend two one-hour sessions, scheduled together or separately. In the first hour, we assess your goals, medical history, food preferences, intolerances, lifestyle, and cooking abilities.


During the second hour, we create a personalized meal plan, which you'll receive at the session's conclusion. Our dedicated dietitians ensure your plan is ready within a week for a prompt start to your new lifestyle.


For sustained success, follow-up sessions are recommended for adjustments and additional knowledge to achieve your goals and foster lasting lifestyle changes.