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Hi, I’m Alyssa, a vegan sports nutritionist

As a dietitian specialized in vegan sports nutrition, I can help you analyze your current diet and see what improvements you can make to it.


Whether you are looking to improve your vegan nutrition for running, weightlifting, or any other sport, I can help you create a vegan sport diet program that is right for you, your food preferences and your lifestyle.

A personalized vegan sports diet program adapted to you

Vegan diet for weightlifting

A vegan sport counseling will help you clarify your needs for macronutrients, micronutrients, and supplements for weightlifting.

Vegan diet for running

Cardio is more enjoyable with good vegan nutrition. What you eat before, during and after running has a big impact on your performance.

Other sports

Plant based sports nutrition can be beneficial for all sports. We will customize a sports nutrition program for your sport and goals.

Why work with a vegan registered dietitian for sports nutrition?

Take it to the next level and stay motivated

As a sports dietitian, I know how difficult it can be to make and maintain changes. Having a clear vegan sports nutrition plan will help you avoid obstacles and make lasting changes.

Simplify and avoid the hassle

A vegan sports dietitian will help you clarify what, when and how much to eat. This way you can save time and focus on your sport.

Stay healthy and avoid nutritional deficiencies

A vegan sports nutrition meal plan or vegan sport counseling will help ensure that you are giving your body what it needs.

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