Plant-Based Registered Dietitians in North Dakota

Hello! We are registered nutritionists specializing in vegan nutrition, dedicated to helping individuals in North Dakota improve their eating habits by incorporating more plant-based meals into their diets.

Our online vegan dietitian services are available throughout North Dakota, and we provide insurance receipts for consultations with our licensed nutritionists/dietitians.

Weight Loss

With the guidance of a vegan dietitian, you can achieve your nutritional goals through small adjustments, promoting sustainable weight loss.

Balanced Diet

Discover the adjustments that will bring you the most benefits and help you achieve your health goals, whether you're transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or already following a plant-based diet.

Sports Nutrition

Optimize your training and efforts by considering a shift in your current nutrition plan. Enhance your overall approach with the guidance of a plant-based dietitian and the appropriate use of supplements.

Eating Disorders

Consulting with a vegan nutrition specialist focused on disordered eating can help you establish a healthy relationship with food.

IBS & Digestive Disorders

Improve your digestive health by working with a skilled nutritionist who specializes in plant-based nutrition and digestive wellness.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Discover the key components of a vegan pregnancy diet plan to ensure your newborn receives the healthiest milk possible.

Toddler / Child / Adolescent Nutrition

Navigating the dietary needs of your vegan toddler, child, or teenager can be made easier and more comfortable by gaining insights into the right foods to feed them with the appropriate approach.

Intuitive Eating

Get guidance on maintaining a healthy, well-rounded plant-based diet while also fostering a positive relationship with food.

Get to Know Our Team of Plant-Based Dietitians in North Dakota

Meet Lisamarie, a vegan registered dietitian and nutritionist!


Lisamarie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of Tennessee

License to practice:

License number 1528, North Dakota Board of Dietic Practice

What motivated you to become a dietitian?

I’ve always been passionate about the medical field, influenced by a home that emphasized lifestyle medicine. In nursing school, I recognized the link between nutrition and disease, and in 2016, I discovered dietetics and fell in love with the profession. The impact of nutrition on physical and mental well-being captivates me. I value the community around food, the joy of gatherings, and the exploration of diverse cuisines that lets me learn about other cultures.

I believe nutrition is the cornerstone of our health, directly enhancing our quality of life. Supporting individuals like you on their journey to holistic health and long-term wellness is my passion and life’s purpose.

Learn more about Lisamarie here.

Our Licenses

Approved to practice as vegan registered dietitians in North Dakota by the North Dakota Board of Dietetic Practice


How to Start Your Journey

Option 1 – Direct Booking

Consult the following pages:

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Option 2 – Free Discovery Call

Schedule a 5-20 minute free discovery call with your future plant-based dietitian. They’ll address your queries and kickstart your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a vegan dietitian in North Dakota?

The quickest way to connect with a vegan dietitian in North Dakota is through an online consultation, which offers greater availability and scheduling flexibility. Our range of nutrition services caters to individuals across multiple U.S. states, including those following flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan diets.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist in Georgia, USA?

Only individuals who are members of the North Dakota Board of Dietetic Practice and have completed the required university courses and internships are authorized to use the titles of nutritionist and dietitian. In North Dakota, these titles are interchangeable, and an insurance receipt can be issued upon consultation.

Why choose a vegan dietitian instead of a typical dietitian?

A vegan and plant-based nutritionist holds the same qualifications and certifications as any other dietitian. However, our expertise is enriched by personal experiences and knowledge specifically aligned with vegetarian, plant-based, and flexitarian diets. Focusing on plant-based foods, a vegan dietitian delves into the nuances of this complex field, which can seem overwhelming due to the abundance of available information. Consulting with us can provide clarity, unravel the intricacies of plant-based nutrition, and instill confidence in your dietary choices.

Get the support you need with the help of a vegan nutritionist!