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Get personalized recommendations from a vegan prenatal dietitian to make sure you are giving your body and your child everything they need.

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Hi, I’m Alyssa, a vegan pregnancy and lactation dietitian

Yes, you can follow a vegan a diet when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but there are nutrients you need to watch out for. A prenatal nutritionist can create a vegan pregnancy diet tailored to your nutritional needs, desires and lifestyle.


Whether you want a specific vegan pregnancy meal plan or flexible vegan pregnancy diet recommendations, a vegan pregnancy nutritionist is in the best position to give you recommendations.

A personalized vegan pregnancy or breastfeeding program

Vegan pregnancy diet plan

A pregnancy dietitian will assess your diet and help you adjust your diet to ensure you are getting everything you need based on your cravings and energy level.

Vegan breastfeeding diet

Caring for a newborn can be difficult, a vegan breastfeeding dietitian will help you find easy ways and recipes to make sure your newborn is getting its nutrients.

Breastfeeding to adolescence

Many parents come to me with concerns about what happens after breastfeeding. Check out my toddler /child/ teen page for more information!

Why work with a vegan registered dietitian for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Get reassurance and confidence

Criticism can arise from loved ones when they learn that you will be following a vegan pregnancy or breastfeeding diet. Get the reassurance and confidence of a prenatal nutritionist that you are doing the right thing and that you are not putting your child at risk.

Skip the hassle of researching

There is a lot of conflicting information online regarding a vegan pregnancy or breastfeeding diet. Get information from a reliable source, a dietitian has studied in university and must undergo continuing education to maintain his or her license to practice.

Get practical advice and recipes

As a vegan pregnancy nutritionist, I have the scientific background to help ensure a healthy pregnancy, and I also have hands-on experience with a vegan diet which helps me create a personalized vegan pregnancy diet plan that is balanced, tasty and easy.

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