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Hi, I’m Alyssa, an IBS nutritionist

Having irritable bowl syndrome can be very unpredictable and frustrating. There is no cure for IBS, but a FODMAP diet has been shown to be effective in controlling symptoms.

I am currently following the “Low FODMAP Diet” course from Monash university, who developed the FODMAP diet.

A vegan diet for IBS is possible but everyone is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all vegan IBS diet plan. A fodmap nutritionist will help you identify what you can eat and what you should avoid using the 3-step method shown below.

A personalized vegan IBS diet plan

Step 1: Low FODMAP diet

The vegan fodmap dietitian will customize a low FODMAP vegan diet that will be used for a few weeks until your digestive health is stable.

Step 2: FODMAP reintroduction

The fodmap dietitian will help you reintroduce vegan FODMAP food categories, to determine which foods are tolerated.

Step 3: Long term FODMAP plan

The IBS dietitian will customize a long-term vegan IBS meal plan that will help control symptoms and avoid unnecessary dietary restrictions.

Why work with a vegan registered dietitian for a vegan IBS diet plan?

Reduce stress and manage symptoms faster

The unconformable symptoms and stress of irritable bowel syndrome can be managed faster with the help of a fodmap nutritionist. There are a lot of things you can do quickly to relief symptoms.

Avoid mistakes and hassle

A vegan fodmap dietitian already has all the knowledge and experience to help you with your digestive health. Save time by eliminating confusing online searches and not following the low fodmap vegan diet properly.

Get support and stay motivated

An IBS nutritionist understands what you are going through, will be there to support you and ensure that you stay motivated throughout the low fodmap vegan diet process. It might not be easy, but it is worth it.

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