Vegan eating disorder recovery

Get guidance and support from an eating disorder dietitian and feel better again.

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Hi, I’m Alyssa, an eating disorder dietitian

I know it can sometimes feel like you have no control over an eating disorder.   Eating disorder counseling with a dietitian can help you improve your situation and help you feel confident again.


I have seen many individuals who are vegan and struggle with orthorexia, binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. Recovery is possible and seeking an eating disorder treatment is a step in the right direction.

A personalized vegan eating disorder treatment

Vegan binge eating recovery

An eating disorder dietitian can help you understand and stop the vicious cycle of restriction and binge.

Vegan bulimia or anorexia recovery

Eating disorder counseling with a dietitian can help you understand your relationship with food and structure your day.

Vegan orthorexia recovery

The obsession of eating healthy can be debilitating, an eating disorder nutritionist will help improve your relationship with food.

Why work with a vegan dietitian who specializes in eating disorders?

Simplify your road to recovery

Eating disorder recovery can seem overwhelming and frustrating. Avoid endless research and planning, the eating disorder nutritionist will walk you through the steps so you can focus on the exercises that will help you.

Get quality feedback

It is inevitable that we will encounter obstacles on the road to eating disorder recovery. You will get quality feedback from your eating disorder dietitian during your counseling sessions. This will allow you to overcome them faster.

Getting support

You don’t need to feel alone during your eating disorder treatment. Speaking with an eating disorder nutritionist will help you feel less alone and understood. Having support is key to healing and feeling confident again.

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