Vegan child dietitian​

Get personalized recommendations for your toddler, child or teen to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients they need.  

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Hi, I’m Alyssa, a vegan child nutritionist

Every child is different and goes through phases, I can reassure you and help you determine which aspect of their diet is important. As a family nutritionist, I can help you make sure your toddler / child / teen is eating what they need to thrive.


Your child can follow a vegan diet without getting any deficiencies. The key is to know what food groups, servings and supplements they need.

Personalized vegan recommendations for your child

Toddler (1-3 years old)

A pediatric dietitian will help you get a clear idea of what and how much he needs to eat. I will also give you meal and snack ideas that vegan toddlers can eat.

Child (3-11 years old)

During this phase of growth, nutrients are more important than ever. A pediatric dietitian will help you get creative with their diet and deal with picky eaters.

Teen (12-17 years old)

At this age they will be more independent with their diet and might show disinterest in healthy meals. A conversation with a dietitian will help them be more open to solutions.

Why work with a vegan registered dietitian for a child that follows a vegan diet?

Learn new meal and snack ideas

Many of my clients need concrete ideas for quick and tasty meals and snacks. Seeing a concrete and flexible diet for a vegan child will help you plan meals in advance.

Get help for picky eaters

There are a lot of dos and don'ts with picky eaters. A pediatric nutritionist will help you deal with your frustrations and worries.

Be reassured

Having a family dietitian review what your child is eating and make recommendations will help you make sure they are getting what they need.

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