Process & Fees

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the process & fees to see one of our Plant-Based dietitians. 

the team plant based dietitians

We are a team of registered dietitians/nutritionists, providing online services in both Canada and the US

All consultations are done online via Zoom. We can also do a phone call.

We use the system Practice Better as our client-safe software for scheduling, meeting, and billing.

To see what plant-based nutrition services we offer, check out this page:

If you wish to see our team of vegetarian/vegan dietitians, check out this page.

First session: Initial Assessment

In the initial consultation, the RD assesses goals, food preferences, lifestyle, measurements, medical history, medications, and food intake. Two assessment types: with or without meal/menu plan. For those uncertain about which option to choose, we recommend starting with the initial assessment. There's no price difference, and the meal plan can be addressed during a follow-up session.

Follow-up consultations

In follow-up consultations, the dietitian helps overcome obstacles and provides resources, such as diet adjustments, meal planning, and addressing mindset towards food. Check our service pages for more details.

Customizable Packages

Customized packages with discounts based on your needs will be decided with your dietitian in the first session (Initial Assessment)

How to start:

There are two options to get started:

Book your first session now via the link below. Choose between the 1-hour Initial Assessment or the 2-hour Initial Assessment + Meal Plan.

Unsure? Opt for the 1-hour session; meal plan can be created in the next session.

If you’ve reviewed the services, process, fees, and about (biography) pages and still have questions, book a free discovery call using the link below.

Please be aware that this call is not a free nutrition consultation, and we won’t be answering any nutrition questions during the call.

Frequently Asked Questions about process & fees

How many total sessions do I need?

A minimum of 2 sessions is required for the initial assessment and recommendations.

On average, our clients have at least 12 sessions.

The number of sessions will depend on your goals, current knowledge, desired accountability/support, and budget.

Following the initial assessment, our dietitian will recommend the number of sessions that would be most beneficial for you. We want to assure you that we will never impose any undue pressure, and we are committed to accommodating all budgets.

How often should I see my vegan/vegetarian dietitian?

At the beginning, we usually meet with our clients weekly to transfer knowledge and/or to find a strategy that gives the expected results.


Once we have found a good strategy, we see our clients every two weeks to refine the plan and add new knowledge.


When the client has applied the concepts, is getting the desired results and does not need more support/motivation, we will put the session in 3 weeks to a month or the client will reschedule if needed.

What does the meal plan look like?

Check out the services pages to see examples of meal plans. We use two different systems: Nutrium for macro meal plans or That Clean Life for recipe meal plans.

Do you give insurance receipts?

We are proud to offer all our clients in Canada insurance receipts for our nutritionist and dietitian services. At the conclusion of each meeting, you will receive a comprehensive insurance receipt that includes our license to practice.


In the US, the availability of insurance receipts will vary based on your state and whether our practitioners hold a registered dietitian license or practice as nutrition experts. For more detailed information, we encourage you to reach out to us directly or visit the location pages in the "About" section on our website. We will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary details regarding insurance coverage.


Kindly be aware that, at present, we do not provide direct billing services. We kindly request you to take responsibility for submitting your insurance receipt to your insurer. Thank you for your understanding. 

Do you do direct billing?

No at the moment we do not do direct billing.

What should I check with my insurance before the meetings?

Check the following 3 things with your insurance company, insurance booklet or human resources department:

1) Are you allowed to choose any dietitian/nutritionist or do you have to choose a specific dietitian from your provider network?

2) What is the total amount you have per year and what is your year-end?

3) Do you have a maximum allowance per day - eg $150. If so, we recommend spreading your nutrition assessment and meal plan over two days to pay less out of pocket.