Magalie nutritionniste végane ottawa

Magalie Deslauriers-Labbé - Online Vegan Dietitian in Ontario and Quebec

Hi! I’m Magalie, a vegan nutritionist, and dietitian! 

Here are a few of my specialties:

About Magalie, vegan R.D:

Magalie did a Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Ottawa (Honours)

Her license to practice a registered dietitian and nutritionist in Ontario & Quebec is: #16482 – College of Dietitians of Ontario and #7835 – Ordre des diététistes du Québec

Magalie Works as a vegan RD with Plant-Based Dietitians

She does online consultations with anyone living in Ontario and Quebec

Magalie and her journey with Plant-Based Nutrition:

What motivated you to become a dietitian?

As a vegan, it’s not uncommon for people to ask you “where do you get your protein from?”. That was my motivation for becoming a dietitian; I wanted to be able to answer that question with confidence (and a credential to back it up).

Beyond that, my goal is to help people who are struggling with their relationship with food. It can feel particularly isolating in the vegan community, where it can be difficult to recognize diet culture. Everyone deserves to eat good, satisfying food and not stress about it – and I want to help!

When did you become plant-based?

I’ve been vegetarian since 2016, and made the switch to veganism in early 2018! Best decision ever.

Why are you plant-based?

My reason for going plant-based was initially for ethical reasons. I have always loved animals (especially cows!), which motivated me to make the change. Since then, I’ve come to realize all the amazing benefits that come with leaving animals off your plate.

Eating plant-based is better for the environment, and can do wonders for your health. When you initially make the switch, it also forces you to be more creative in the kitchen, which I think can be a fun challenge!

Enjoy the benefits of a vegan lifestyle with Magalie’s help!