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Alyssa Fontaine and her team of Vegan Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists in Winnipeg

Hello! As vegan registered dietitians in Winnipeg, we assist residents in eating more plant-based meals and changing their diets. Our online vegan dietitian services are available across Canada, as well as nutrition insurance receipts.

Weight Loss

Find out how a vegan diet can assist you to lose weight. Make food decisions that will be beneficial for your health condition in the long run.

IBS & Digestive Problems

By setting nutritional goals and consulting a qualified vegan nutritionist who specializes in digestion and IBS disorders, you can improve your quality of life.

Balanced Diet

Find out which lifestyle changes you should make if you're considering or are currently a vegan for a balanced diet thanks to nutrition counseling.

Pregnancy Lactation

You can make your child's milk nutritionally sound by learning what plant based eating is the best as a vegan.

Sports Nutrition

Set up your nutrition goals and find the healthiest diet, so you can get the most out of your physical activity.

Toddler/ Child / Adolescent Nutrition

You can make your life simpler by knowing what to offer to your child following a vegetarian diet.

Eating Disorders

Getting over your food fixation and finding the perfect plant-based diet to improve your overall health is possible with a vegan nutritionist.

Intuitive Eating

Follow a healthy, balanced vegan diet and keep a positive relationship with food thanks to meal plans.

Private & Group Vegan Nutrition Coaching with Alyssa Fontaine and her team of Vegan Dietitians  

Private nutrition coaching

Start feeling better by contacting an online vegan nutritionist today.

Group nutrition coaching

Get together with a group of people who share the same goals and a vegan dietitian. Take action with nutrition consulting and make the changes you’ve been thinking about!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a vegan dietitian in Winnipeg?

Find a vegan dietitian online quickly and easily with a private practice. You can then select from a larger number of dietitians who specialize in your industry in your province. Among our clients are many vegans and vegetarians in Manitoba.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a vegan nutritionist in Winnipeg?

Dietitians are comparable to vegan nutritionists in Winnipeg (and throughout Manitoba). College of Dietitians of Manitoba regulates the practice of individuals holding this title. This organization is responsible for public safety. Upon completion of our online consultations, you’ll be able to submit insurance receipts for either title.

Licence to practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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Plant-based diets are much easier to follow with the help of a vegan nutritionist.

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