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Vegan Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist in Colorado

Hello! We are a team of online vegan nutritionists and registered dietitians. We all follow a plant-based diet and are registered dietitians and nutritionists.

We offer online consultations to anyone in Colorado.

Weight Loss

A vegan nutritionist can help you lose weight and make sure you see results.

IBS & Digestive Problems

Overcome your digestive issues with the help of a plant based nutritionist.

Balanced Diet

Your online vegan dietitian can analyze and modify your vegan/vegetarian diet.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

A vegan pregnancy nutritionist can help make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need for a healthy baby.

Sports Nutrition

Consulting a vegan nutritionist for vegan sports nutrition can help you improve your performance!

Toddler/ Child / Adolescent Nutrition

Improve your child's vegetarian or vegan diet with the help of a plant-based family dietitian.

Eating Disorders

A dietitian familiar with the vegan diet and eating disorders can help you recover faster.

Intuitive Eating

Find food freedom with an intuitive eating dietitian who also knows the vegan diet.

Our vegan nutritionist and registered dietitian team for Colorado that can help with your vegan diet:



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Fort Collins
West minster
Highlands Ranch

How to Start Your Journey

Option 1 – Direct Booking

Check these pages:

Click on the link below to access the nutritionists’ schedules and book directly with them.


Option 2 – Free Discovery Call

Schedule a 5-20 minute free discovery call with your future plant-based dietitian. They’ll address your queries and kickstart your journey.


Click on the link below to schedule a discovery call.

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Frequently Asked Questions to our vegan dietitians:

How can a plant-based nutritionist help me with vegan sports nutrition?

First, we will analyze your diet and your training program. Next, we will give specific recommendations on the following:

  • Vegan/vegetarian macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats and lipids)
  • Potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Specific supplement recommendations and dosage
  • Pre and post workout snacks/meals
  • Personalized vegetarian/vegan meal plan and/or recipes

Read more about how a vegan sports nutritionist can help with your nutrition, check out our page: sports nutrition.

What will a vegan pregnancy nutritionist help me with?

The vegan pregnancy nutritionist can help with the following and more: 

  • Treat morning sickness
  • Create a simple meal plan or give simple vegan recipes
  • Increase protein and iron intake in your vegan diet
  • Improve iron absorption from your non-heme plant-based iron
  • Make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals (calcium, iodine, selenium, omega 3, etc.)

Learn more about how a vegan pregnancy nutritionist can help, check out our page: vegan pregnancy.


FAQ about vegan nutritionists & dietitians

What is the difference between a certified vegan nutritionist and a vegan registered dietitian?

A vegan registered dietitian is a protected title ( like a dentist or doctor). In short, she or he has to go through extensive studies, internships and needs a license to practice.

A vegan nutritionist is not a protected title in Colorado and is easier and faster to attain.  

What is the difference between a certified plant based nutritionist and a vegan registered dietitian?

Similar to the answer above,  a certified plant-based nutritionist is equivalent to a certified vegan nutritionist. The knowledge and background of the human body and nutrition is much more developed in a vegan registered dietitian.

Are you vegan registered dietitian or nutritionist?

Our official title is vegan Registered Dietitian.  Nevertheless, we use the title trainer and nutritionist interchangeably with dietitian because many people don't know the difference.

I am looking for a vegetarian dietitcian, can a vegan dietitcian still help me ?

At the moment all our dietitians in Colorado are vegan, but we do take on vegetarian clients. Nonetheless, we have all been vegetarian in the past and have had that experience.


We often get asked about the difference between a vegetarian and vegan diet. Furthermore, here's our ultimate vegetarian grocery list.


Are there any vegan or vegetarian dietitians near me in Colorado on your team?

All of our consultations with our vegans/vegetarians are online. So long as you live in Colorado, we can help.

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