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Vegan/Vegetarian Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists in Canada

Are you looking for a vegan or vegetarian dietician near you? Plant Based Dietitians Ltd. has a team across Canada who can do online zoom sessions with you.

Vegetarian or Vegan Weight Loss

IBS & Digestive Vegan Dietitian

Balanced Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

Vegan Pregnancy Nutritionist

Vegan Sports Nutrition

Vegan Toddler/ Child / Adolescent Nutrition

Vegan Eating Disorders Recovery

Vegan Intuitive Eating

How a vegan nutritionist & dietitian can help you with your goals?

Common things our vegan dietitian can do to lose weight

• Create a personalized vegan weight loss meal plan
• Provide vegan recipes for weight loss
• Help you plan and organize the preparation of vegan meals for weight loss
• Answer questions about what vegan food helps with weight loss
• Provide support and motivation for your vegan weight loss

For more information on vegan weight loss see our page: Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan & Program

How a vegan nutritionist can help with when you are transitioning

• Help you save time on research, errors, and trials
• Create a simple meal plan and show you how portions work
• Show you how to create easy, well-balanced meals and snacks
• Give specific recommendations on which supplements to take
• Introduce you to new must-have vegan products

For more information on how a vegan dietitian can help you transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet: Vegan Nutrition Counseling and Vegetarian Nutrition Counseling

How our vegan nutritionist can help you optimize your diet

• Get an assessment of your current diet and get practical advice
• Learn which vegan food group to improve
• Improve your vitamin and mineral profile
• Learn about new supplements or foods you might benefit from
• Get specific recipes and snack recipes that can help improve your diet

For more information on how we can help see: Vegan nutrition counseling

How a vegan nutritionist can help you with your IBS and other digestive issues:

• Help you identify the cause of your digestive problems
• Improve bloating, gastric reflux, gas, nausea, constipation/diarrhea, etc.
• Make recommendations on what to take to relieve symptoms
• Dealing with IBS and properly implementing the Low FODMAP diet
• Treat IBD, UC and help prevent future flare-ups


To learn how our team can help read: Vegan fodmap dietitian


Things our vegan dietitian can do to improve your vegan/vegetarian pregnancy/breastfeeding diet:

• Create a personalized vegan meal plan for pregnancy or lactation
• Make sure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals for pregnancy or lactation
• Help with balanced meal ideas based on the things you want to improve
• Increase your protein and iron intake with specific examples
• Provide easy meals for vegan pregnancy and breastfeeding


For more information on Vegan/Vegetarian Pregnancy and lactation see our page: Vegan pregnancy and lactation dietitian.

How a plant-based nutritionist can help you with your family’s diet:

• Get an assessment of the nutrition of your partner, baby/toddler/teem or yourself
• Get easy, well-balanced vegan recipes suitable for your family
• Learn which vitamins and minerals need to be improved
• Receive recommendations for specific supplements
• Get the assurance that your family’s diet is well balanced


To see how a vegan dietitian can help your vegan family check out: Vegan child dietitian​


How our vegan nutritionist can help you overcome your eating disorder:

• Binge Eating: Helps you stop the vicious circle of restriction and binge eating
• Anorexia: Helps you restore healthy nutrition and energy
• Bulimia: Helps you stop binge eating and purging
• Orthorexia: Helps you reduce anxiety related to eating “bad foods”
• We can help you with other disordered eating habits not listed here

You don’t need to be in this process alone, get help from a vegan dietitian. Check out this page for more information: Vegan eating disorder recovery

How a vegan sports dietitian can help you improve your performance:

• Upgrade your pre-workout meal/snack to help you have more energy during our workouts
• Upgrade your workout meal or snack to help you recover faster
• Be sure to hit all your macros on a vegan diet
• Make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals for optimal performance
• Know which vegan supplements are beneficial and which are harmful

Increase your results with a Vegan sports nutritionist

A vegan nutritionist/dietitian can help you improve your relationship with food:

• Learn to make peace with food
• Reconnect to your internal signals: hunger and satiety signals
• Stop feeling guilty when you eat “bad things”
• Learn to feel satisfied with your food and content
• Helps structure and balance your meals


Get support from a vegan dietitian, read the following page to get more information: Vegan intuitive eating 

Who is Plant-Based Dietitians?

Alyssa Fontaine is a graduate of Mcgill University with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. She then studied business at HEC Montréal and obtained a certificate in entrepreneurship and an MBA.


On a personal level, throughout her MBA, she became vegan for animals and the environment. She decided to leave her management position in a private practice company.


Alyssa Fontaine wanted to start a business in line with her vegan values. She launched her online vegan nutrition consulting business in November 2019.


You can follow Alyssa’s advice and recipes on the following social networks:


Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok: @alyssafontainerd

Our philosophy is that a more plant-based diet is beneficial for everyone.


There is a lot of misinformation regarding the vegan diet and nutrition.


We believe that if individuals have the right knowledge and the right tools, the plant-based diet is the best diet for our health, our planet and animal well-being.

The mission of Plant-Based Dietitians ltd. is to help anyone who needs help with their vegetarian or vegan diet.

Our goal is to save you time in your research and to offer you practical advice that will help you on your way.

alyssa fontaine founder of plant based dietitians

A vegan nutritionist can help you learn and make changes faster!

Frequently asked questions about process with the Plant Based Dietitian team

The fees are $125 per hour.

The consultations we do most often are one hour, you spend 50 minutes with the dietitian and the dietitian has 10 minutes to prepare for your session and write notes which are mandatory by his/her professional order in dietetics.

We also offer half hours for $70, you will spend 25 minutes with your dietitian and she will have 5 minutes for preparation.

This will vary depending on your goals, current knowledge, and commitment.

On average, we see our clients for a minimum of 5 hours. However, some people we see less of, and many people we see more.

At first, we do it every week, then we space it out every two weeks.

The pace of follow-up visits will depend on the client and dietitian plan they develop together during the first session with their vegan dietitian.

Yes, at the end of every session. An insurance receipt for nutritionist and dietitian services will be created in your profile with the dietitian’s license to practice.

You are responsible for sending this form to your insurer.

At the moment we do not provide this service. You are responsible for ensuring that you are covered and for sending the form to your insurance provider.


We make the discovery call to ensure that you are matched with dietitians who have the knowledge and experience to help you.


If this should happen, we will ask you to contact the account coordinator and we will change the dietitian. The first session with the new dietitian would be free.

You need a minimum of 2 sessions to get a detailed meal plan.


The first session is the initial consultation where the dietitian needs to gather information about you and the second session is where she will create an in-depth personalized plan with you.

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours. If you do not cancel 24 hours in advance, you will be charged 100% of the session.


This policy is in place to ensure people show up for their session and do not take the place of someone else who may have been available.

No, there are no taxes, it’s $125 per hour or $70 per half hour.

Why do a nutritional consultation with a vegan nutritionist/dietitian?

Plant-Based Dietitians Ltd. Was created to bring like-minded people together with like-minded vegan dietitians

Our dietitians and our clients are all motivated by one or more of the following values: health, environment, or animal ethics.

A dietitian or vegan nutritionist degree does not exist.

Plant-based nutrition is not taught in detail in the bachelor’s degree that registered dietitians take to obtain their license to practice as dietitians or nutritionists.

Our team has independently done their own research in plant-based diets.

We only consult with vegetarian and vegan diets, so we have accumulated extensive experience with whole plant-based diets.

Our clients always tell us that they really see a difference between a vegan dietician and a non-vegan dietician.

The personal experience we have with vegan cooking and our knowledge as vegan nutritionists makes a big difference in the recommendations we make.

Our process for seeing our vegan nutritionists and dietitians online!

vegan oatmeal

Frequently asked questions we get as vegan nutritionist and registered dietitians

Does a vegan diet lead to nutritional deficiencies?

No, if done right, the vegan diet does not cause nutritional deficiencies.


For more on vitamins and minerals to look out for in a vegan diet see the article.  A beginner’s guide to starting a vegan diet.

Is there a difference between a vegan nutrition coach and a vegan dietitian?

Absolutely, I am a registered dietician, I have done 3 years of in-depth university studies on human health and one year of internships in different sectors.


To learn more about the undergraduate degree a dietitian must do check out: Mcgill Undergraduate Dietetics admission.  Vegan dietitians must also continue to make credits to maintain their licensure, just like doctors.


Anyone can call themselves a vegan nutrition coach, it's not regulated.

Is there a difference between a vegan holistic nutritionist and a vegan dietician?

In Canada, the titles of nutritionist and dietitian are technically reserved titles for people who have obtained a bachelor's degree in dietetics and who must maintain a license to practice in their province.

Unfortunately, some people use the term nutritionist anyway. Always make sure that your nutritionist also has the title of dietitian. You can also check their license on their professional provincial order websites such as the College of dietitians of BC.

What is the difference between a vegan dietitian, a dietitian or a nutritionist?

In Canada, there is no difference between a vegan dietitian, a dietitian, or a nutritionist.

They all follow a vegan diet, hold a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, and are licensed in their respective provinces. This is why you will see these names used interchangeably on our website. 

How can I find a vegan nutritionist or dietitian near me?

We’ll take care of that for you during the free 20-minute discovery call. See the following pages for specific areas.

Can’t find your location listed below? Book a discovery call and we’ll connect you with a registered dietitian in your province.

Many of our clients have shared that it makes no difference if the dietitian is not in the same city since we focus on changing behaviors in a home with ingredients you can easily find.