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Plant-Based Dietitians and Nutritionists in Montreal

Hi! We are vegan and vegetarian registered dietitians dedicated to assisting individuals in Montreal in adopting better dietary habits by incorporating more plant-based meals. Our online plant-based dietitian services are accessible across Quebec, and we offer insurance receipts for licensed nutritionist/dietitian consultations.

Weight Loss

With the guidance of a Montreal dietitian who focuses on vegan nutrition, you can achieve your nutritional goals by making small adjustments that lead to sustainable weight loss.

IBS & Digestive Disorders

Collaborating with a plant-based dietitian specializing in digestive health can complement your doctor's support and potentially enhance your digestive well-being. This partnership with a nutrition specialist may offer you effective strategies to address and alleviate digestive symptoms.

Balanced Diet

Achieve health goals with a Montreal plant-based nutritionist's guidance. Whether transitioning to plant-based or already vegan, optimize your diet for balance, diversify plant sources, supplement wisely, and stay informed for sustained well-being.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Explore the dietary essentials for vegan mothers to ensure the best nourishment for your newborn. A pregnancy plant-based dietitian can help you create a vegan pregnancy diet plan aimed at providing your baby with the healthiest possible milk.

Sports Nutrition

You can enhance your progress by adjusting your existing nutrition plan, and with the assistance of a Montreal plant-based telehealth dietitian, you can ensure you're using the appropriate supplements.

Toddler / Child / Adolescent nutrition

Enhance your parenting journey with ease and confidence by gaining insights into what to provide for your vegetarian and vegan toddler, child, or teenager. This knowledge can make life smoother and more enjoyable for your vegetarian and vegan family.

Eating Disorders

You don't have to do it alone. A plant-based registered dietitian with expertise in addressing disordered eating can be a valuable partner in helping you establish a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

Intuitive Eating

In Montreal, get expert advice from an intuitive eating dietitian to assist you in maintaining a well-balanced plant-based diet while nurturing a positive relationship with food.

Meet Our Team

Anick Vézina Plant-Based Dietitian Montreal

Anick Vézina, RD

Online vegan dietitian – Quebec

License number: 7146, Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec

Click here to learn more about Anick

Antoine Beauchamp Plant-Based Dietitian

Antoine Beauchamp Lepage, RD

Online vegan dietitian – Quebec

License number: 7500, Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec

Click here to learn more about Antoine

Gabrielle Chassé Plant-Based Dietitian

Gabrielle Chassé, RD

Online vegan dietitian – Quebec

License number: 7513, Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec

Click here to learn more about Gabrielle

How to Start

There are two ways to get started:

 Option 1 – Direct booking:

Consult the following pages:

Then click below to access the dietitian’s schedule and book directly with them.


Option 2 – Free discovery call:

Book a 5 to 20 minutes free discovery call with your future plant-based dietitian. They’ll answer your questions and get you started on your journey.


Click on the link below to get started.

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First Session: Initial Assessment

In the initial consultation, the registered dietitian will assess your goals, food preferences, lifestyle, measurements, medical history, medications, and food intake. There are two assessment types: with or without meal/menu plan.For those uncertain about which option to choose, we recommend starting with the initial assessment. There's no price difference, and the meal plan can be addressed during a follow-up session.

Follow-Up Consultations

In follow-up consultations, the dietitian helps overcome obstacles and provides resources, such as diet adjustments, meal planning, and addressing mindset towards food. Check our service pages for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you dietitians or nutritionists?

We are all certified nutrition professionals in Quebec, holding the titles of dietitians and nutritionists, which are protected and considered equivalent in the province.

Are you members of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec?

Yes, we are members of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec. At the end of each consultation, we will provide you with a certificate of insurance.

How many sessions in total do I need?

In general, we have a minimum of five sessions with our clients. This number may vary depending on your goals, current knowledge level, the degree of responsibility or support you seek, and your budget. After the initial assessment, your dietitian will be able to determine the number of sessions they deem necessary.

How often should I consult with my vegan/vegetarian dietitian?

Initially, appointments are typically weekly to transfer knowledge and establish an effective strategy. They then become biweekly to fine-tune the plan. Once the client has achieved their goals and no longer requires frequent support, sessions may be spaced every three weeks to a month, or the client schedules appointments based on their needs.

Do you offer in-person consultations in Montreal?

No, our consultations take place exclusively online via the Zoom platform.


What do the meal plans/menus look like?

Consult our service pages to discover examples of meal plans. We use two distinct platforms: Nutrium for detailed plans and That Clean Life for menus.

Do you provide insurance receipts?

Yes. At the end of each session, we will provide you with an insurance receipt for the services of a nutritionist and dietitian, along with our practice license. It is your responsibility to submit this receipt to your insurer, as we currently do not offer direct billing.

Do you do direct billing?

No, currently, we do not offer direct billing services.

What should I check with my insurance before the consultations?

Check these three points with your insurance company, insurance booklet, or the human resources department:

  1. Do you have the freedom to choose any dietitian/nutritionist, or are you required to select a specific professional within your network of providers?
  2. What is the annual limit of your coverage, and when does your insurance year end?
  3. Is there a maximum daily allowance, for example, $150? If so, we suggest splitting your nutrition assessment and meal planning over two days to reduce your personal expenses.

When can I start my consultations with my nutritionist?

Typically, we can start our collaboration in less than a week. To schedule a free discovery call or set up a direct appointment with a dietitian, please visit our contact page.

Obtain the support and confidence you require by partnering with a plant-based dietitian/nutritionist