Unveiling the Truth Behind Twizzlers – A Vegan Dietitian’s Analysis

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Are Twizzlers vegan?

Twizzlers have been around for quite some time but with plant-based movements gaining momentum, one might wonder: are Twizzlers vegan? Unfortunately, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think.


As vegan dietitians, we are ready to unravel the truth about Twizzlers. This article will delve into what Twizzlers are made from and assess the vegan-friendliness of their products.


What are Twizzlers? 

Twizzlers are a popular brand of twisted candy manufactured by the Hershey Company. They were first introduced in 1845 and have since become a global staple in candy aisles. These candies are best known for their unique twist design, chewy texture, and vibrant colours. They come in a wide variety of fun flavours to satisfy the taste buds of many.


What are Twizzlers made from?

While Twizzlers are made from several ingredients, most products share many of the same ingredients. Common ingredients in Twizzler’s Twist and Pull-N-Peel products include enriched wheat flour, corn syrup/starch, sugar, vegetable oil, and salt. Some common additives include glyceryl monostearate, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours/colours, salt, glycerin, lecithin (soy), carrageenan, and carnauba wax.


Do Twizzlers have gelatin?

No, none of the Twizzler products have gelatin or other pork-derived ingredients. Gelatin is an animal-derived ingredient that can be added to candies to improve texture, but Twizzlers are typically gelatin-free.


However, product formulations can always change. It’s always best to double-check the ingredient list on the package to get the most up-to-date information. 


Are Twizzlers vegan? 

Twizzlers have generally been considered vegan-friendly. They don’t contain gelatin or any other ingredients that are evidently sourced from animals. But does this mean Twizzlers are truly vegan? As plant-based dietitians, we regret to inform you that Twizzlers might not be suitable for vegans.


Which Twizzlers are vegan? 

Hersheyland Canada’s website states that the following products might be vegan:

  • Twizzlers Strawberry Candy
  • Twizzlers Pull N’ Peel Cherry Candy
  • Twizzlers Bites Cherry Candy
  • Twizzlers Cherry Candy
  • Twizzlers Nibs Cherry Candy
  • Twizzlers Licorice Candy
  • Twizzlers Chocolate Candy


The keyword here is: might. Hersheyland Canada discloses that although these products don’t usually contain animal-derived ingredients, the ingredient list can change. Hersheyland therefore recommends that you check the ingredient list on the package every time you buy Twizzlers. 


But here is the kicker: you might not even be able to tell if Twizzlers are vegan from reading the ingredient list. This is because the Hershey Company doesn’t distinguish between the sources of certain ingredients on the label.


Why aren’t Twizzlers vegan? 

Here are some ingredients that keep us guessing whether Twizzlers are vegan:


Glyceryl Monostearate

Glyceryl monostearate is a compound made from glycerol and stearic acid used in most Twizzlers. Both glycerol and stearic acid can be derived from plant or animal sources. Without any kind of distinction on the label, it’s impossible to know if this Twizzler ingredient is vegan.



Glycerin is another ingredient that is present in most Twizzlers. It can be derived from animal fats or plant oils. Again, with no distinction on the label, we can’t know whether the glycerin in Twizzlers is truly vegan. 


How can I tell if Twizzlers are vegan? 

Unfortunately, you might not be able to tell if Twizzlers are vegan from the package. Despite not containing gelatin, certain ingredients in Twizzlers like glyceryl monostearate and glycerin might not be vegan. Without the manufacturer identifying the sources of these ingredients on the label, identifying whether Twizzlers are vegan-friendly is not so straightforward.


The last step you can take to identify whether Twizzlers are vegan is to contact the manufacturer. As plant-based dietitians, we know this can be inconvenient. To save you the time and effort, we took this step for you. 


Here is what Hersheyland had to say: 

“For our products that do not carry a vegan claim or certification, since no claim or certification is used, we do not have agreements in place with our ingredient suppliers to guarantee that ingredient manufacturing is free of animal-derived substances. Our TWIZZLER products do not have a vegan claim”.

Essentially, seeing as Twizzlers do not bear a vegan claim or certification, there is a risk that some ingredients are not vegan-friendly.  Unfortunately, the Hershey Company could not confirm whether specific Twizzler products are vegan.


Are chocolate Twizzlers vegan? 

Unfortunately, whether certain Twizzler products like chocolate Twizzlers and cherry Twizzlers are vegan remains uncertain. Upon contacting the Hershey Company, they refused to confirm whether specific Twizzler products are vegan-friendly.  


Vegan-friendly candy alternatives 

If you don’t want to take the risk of Twizzlers not being vegan, here are some truly vegan candy alternatives:

Final thoughts – the vegan-friendliness of Twizzlers

Twizzlers might not be the most appropriate candy option for vegans or vegetarians. Twizzler products do not bear a vegan claim or certification. This is because the Hershey Company does have a contract in place with ingredient suppliers to ensure that manufacturing is free of animal-derived products.


An absence of a vegan claim doesn’t necessarily mean that Twizzlers aren’t vegan. Twizzlers don’t contain gelatin or other evident sources of animal products. But with a lack of a vegan claim and labeling clarity, it’s impossible to be 100% certain that all ingredients are truly vegan-friendly.


You can visit Hersheyland Canada’s website to view their list of probable vegan-friendly Twizzler products. But then again, the vegan-friendliness of these Twizzler products is not guaranteed.


We will leave the final decision on whether to indulge in some Twizzlers up to you. But if you want the peace of mind of knowing your candy is truly vegan, it may be easier to opt for one that bears a vegan certification.


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