7 Benefits of Consulting a Vegan Dietitian or Nutritionist Online

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7 benefits of consultation with a online vegan dietitian or nutritionist


1) Smaller delay to see an online vegan dietitian than in person

Plant-Based Dietitians is a great team of vegan and vegetarian dietitians who can help you. We have an account coordinator that allows us to respond is less than 12 hours to your email.

As we are a larger team, we benefit from having account coordinators on our team who will help you with the onboarding process, reducing the time frame.

Discovery calls are offered most days at different times to suit your schedule. We see a customer on average less than 48 hours after the discovery call.

2) Vegetarian & Vegan dietitians are rare

You’ve probably researched vegan detention near me by now only to realize that the closest one is in a town over an hour or two from you, if not more.

The reality is that only 4% of the population is vegan. If we were to open a local store in an area, the changes are that we would go bankrupt very quickly because the number of vegan people in that specific area would not be enough to support a vegan dietitian. (LINK EXERNA – STUDY _)

We often get the question what is the difference between a vegetarian and vegan diet? The main difference is that the vegan diet does not contain any animal products, unlike the vegetarian diet.

online vegan nutritionist

3) You can consult your dietitian online wherever you are

Nowadays, the Internet is everywhere. As long as you have a good signal, your zoom session can be done from anywhere, your phone, tablet & computer. We can even make phone calls.

We use the Practice Better system for communication. (EXTERNAL LINK) + photo

4) Your online vegan dietitian has more experience

You may be able to find general dietitians near you who promote on their website that they can do consultations for vegetarian or vegan diets.

However, since the population of vegetarians or vegans is smaller, they will certainly have less experience with these types of diets.

Our vegan dietitians and nutritionists are used to working only with vegetarian and vegan diets. Their knowledge and experience are much more advanced than that of a general practitioner.

A big comparison are doctors. A GP is good for the baseline, but you need to see a specialist if you want detailed information from someone with a lot of experience in that specific area.

5) Reduce transit time to see your vegan nutritionist online

Let’s be honest, you’re probably very busy. Seeing a dietitian wherever you are, at work, on the way home, at your cabin or at home is much easier to add to your schedule.

The ease of seeing your dietitian increases your chances of being able to follow up and truly stick to the recommendations made by your vegan dietitian/nutritionist online.

6) Show your fridge and supplements to your online vegan dietitian

This one took us by surprise. When you see a client in person, ask them often what foods they eat or what supplements. It happened very often that the customer did not remember it, which is super normal with all the brands that exist now.

When you are at home during your online consultation with your vegan dietitian, it is very easy to enter the food or supplement to analyze it with you and make an appropriate recommendation.

It’s just more efficient!




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